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 The 2nd meeting in 2015, took place on 07th, May at the Copenhagen Airport.

Members  present:

Marc Sam                                                 Air Canada

Ulrik Gylstorff                                            Lufthansa Group

Patrick Menzies                                        South African Airways

Per Caroe (Chairman)                               Kenya Airways

Maria Rasmussen                                     Air France/KLM

Flemming Sohne                                      Thai Airways

Pia Lind                                                    Qatar Airways

Johnny Rasmussen                                   Air Greenland

Per Levring                                               Atlantic Airways

Marc Sam                                                 Air Canada

Mr. Andreas Mathisen                             Danish Air Transport

Mr. Teddy Zebitz                                     Emirates

Robert Oehrnberg                                    FinnAir

Sigrudur Sveinsdottir                               Icelandair

Patrick Menziers                                       South African Airways

Pinar Ayvaz                                              Turkish Airline


The meeting was hosted by Copenhagen Airport, and all was welcomed by Director of Airline Sales and Route Development, Mr. Ole Wieth Christensen.


Agenda Item No 1

Approval of minutes from last meeting held the 26th, January 2015.

Minutes was approved 

Agenda Item No. 2

Information from CPH about the new Service Level Agreement between CPH, Airlines and handlers, by Mr. Thomas Hoff Andersson, Director Airport Optimization.

Presentation enclosed the  

Agenda Item No. 3

Status on expansion of Finger C and master plan for the coming 2-3 years, by Ms. Lone Edelbo, Head of Master Planning CPH.

Presentation enclosed the minutes.

Agenda Item No. 4

Information about CPH route development work, by Mr. Majid Khan, Senior Route Development Manager.

Presentation enclosed the minutes.

Agenda Item No. 5

News from AOC.

Mr. Johnny Rasmussen gave an up-date from AOC, including status on the ongoing dialog with CPH about the closing down Terminal and in this respect the issues with long queues at Central Security and aircraft parking stands at the Terminal 2.

Mr. Rasmussen also informed that new facilities for arriving RUSH luggage will be taken in use in the near future. The RUSH luggage will be removed from the arrival terminal to another facility.

CPH have made an agreement with Hilton Copenhagen Hotel, that the hotels facilities is available if a major accident occurs at CPH.

The Danish tax authorizes, SKAT, has informed the airlines through AOC, that from 01st, July 2015. See below information from last AOC meeting regarding this subject.

  • New demands from SKAT about access to its passengers PNR information. SKAT informed this demand is a national legislation and NOT EU legislation. Danish Parliament has its first treatment/discussion of this new legislation 06 May. If the parliament agrees after 3rd treatments it is effective already by 01 July 2015 and airlines must supply SKAT with access to PNR´s for all its arriving and departing passengers from/to Denmark. SKAT encouraged AOC for a dialog between Airlines and SKAT to find an IT solution for SKAT to access all airlines CRS system. Some airlines were uncertain if they had authority to start up such dialog with SKAT. Many airlines are unable to follow such requirement since they have different national rules and restriction to hand out passengers’ information. AOC Board reminded SKAT that they MUST be specific in their demands of data on a high IT level and further information should be in English. AOC also asked for clarity if the new legislation is only applicable to Danish airlines? AOC do not want SKAT to involve their handling agent unless the airlines allow SKAT to do so. SKAT shall revert with further information.

Agenda Item No. 6

Status on compensation cases and compensation ERFA group.

Due to a last minute cancellation from Mr. Per Henriksen, DI/DBL, and the secretary have a status on the all ongoing cases in connection with EU Regulation 261/2004, as follows:

Time to decision in High Court Case, will be a year or more, i.e. early 2016 +

Preparations for high court case on-going.

First pre-court-meeting settled to May 12th 2015.

However, an on-going EU-case (C-257/14) may postpone the DK process (will provide guidance in the DK case).

City courts on will be on standby in most cases re technical issues

CAA continues on uncertain grounds – awaiting legal advice from “Kammeradvokaten” After the advice has been received, BARD will take steps to arrange a meeting with Trafikstyrelsen.

Due the very high numbers of summons at the Copenhagen Civil Court, a separate department has been established at the Court, for these cases only.

BARD will later forward to all members, a draft for standard letters addressed to the various bodies in these matters.

BARD will address Naviair, Danish Flight Control, to explore the options for receiving information from Naviair, in connection with ATC delays in Denmark.

Agenda Item No. 7

New law for bankruptcy insurance from The Danish Travel Guaranty Fond. (RGF)

Due to a last minute cancellation from Mr. Per Henriksen, DI/DBL, and the secretary have a status on this subject, as follows:

New legislation is effective from July 1st 2015.

Coverage sold under current legislation valid until used, i.e. sold before 01st July and travel after same date.

New fund must have a guarantee of DKK. 100.000.000, – financed via DKK. 2, – fee per departing passenger. Special rule for domestic passengers will apply.

Reporting to The Danish Travel Guaranty Fond, will be done by Trafikstyrelsen (CAA), exactly the same procedure as for the safety fee.

When the DKK. 100.000.000, – reached – fees will stop.

The main purpose of the Coverage Fund is transport home to DK in case of carrier bankruptcy.

Secondly. Refund of prepayments is 2nd priority, and only for amounts > DKK. 1000, – per passenger.

No airline guarantees and administration fees to RGF under the new legislation.

No RGF scrutiny of airline account under the new legislation.

Expected fund built-up time will be 3 – 4 years.

If fund level gets below a predefined level, fees will be reinstated at DKK. 4,- per passenger.

The RGF board will oversee the admin of funds.

However, we are still awaiting proposal for the detailed regulation (bekendtgørelse)

Agenda Item No. 8

Any other Business / Miscellaneous

BARD will attend a EU-BAR meeting, scheduled to held in Frankfurt 29 – 30 June 2015.

The secretary will address the meeting organizers and suggest the policy issue of the “use of flight coupons in particular order” to be put on the agenda.

The secretary informed that members shortly should expect a letter from CPH regarding a security tax increase pr. 01st September due to implementation of ETD.

A summer lunch will take place on 25th, June. Time and place will follow via Outlook shortly.

Next BARD meeting will take place 07th, September.


Yours Sincerely,

Per Levring