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BARD extraordinary general assembly at Magnusson Law Firm, Copenhagen 

Chairman: Per Carøe (Kenya Airways)
Board Members: Morten Balk (Lufthansa), Maciej Graczyk (LOT)
Secretary General: Christoffer Greenfort (Magnusson Law Firm) – appointed at the assembly

The Chairman started by pointing out a few details, amongst them, that from now on the Executive Board appoints a Secretary and members are invited to study the Constitution, especially the Scope.

The possibilities of expanding on the current cooperation with AOC debated

A member recommended that clear objectives should be set and communicated, giving BARD a clear and public goal for the immediate future.

The Chairman explained that BARD will build on three legs, a stronger Secretariat increased cooperation with Danish Aviation (BDL) and a web site done for members partly available for outsiders.

No 4.
Major postings are establishing a BARD Web site and the membership of BDL considered to be prime partner and information source. The Board has an offer from a web site developer and will soon activate building a BARD web site.

The Chairman prepared the Assembly that membership fee 2014 will likely increase to DKK 3,000 per annum, to reflect the requested increase in activities and the hours of work that this will entail for the Secretariat.

The Board would like to increase the number of members so a Member get member campaign will be organized – the currently BARD has 24 members. The consensus at the meeting was that this number could potentially be just shy of 50.

Getting more of these to join will have the effect, that BARD will have more strength in the public and towards the authorities, speaking with one voice for the Airlines represented in Denmark.

No 5
The Board and the assembly welcomed Mr. Christoffer Greenfort as new Secretary General, backed up by the international law firm Magnusson.

This cooperation has the added effect of giving BARD members access to the legal services of Christoffer Greenfort and Magnusson at a special rate negotiated with BARD.

Christoffer Greenfort has been involved with the aviation industry, it´s issues and the legal aspects for 8 years as an advisor for The Association of Danish Travel Agents and Tour Operators – DRF, before joining Magnusson to head up their Travel Industry department.

No 6
Minutes must in future be usable to be forwarded to members Head Quarters, showing them that being a member and turning up at the meetings serves a very real purpose and gives added value to the companies involved.

The members are encouraged to mail their individual ideas and wishes for future speakers and the subject, that they would like to have brought up at the meetings.

Several members voiced their whishes of having more legal subjects presented at the meetings, and Christoffer Greenfort agreed to do a presentation at the next BARD meeting.

BARD whishes to have a number of clear specific goals and objectives to work towards. First off emphasis will be put on the following 3 objectives:

Ensuring that BARD is on all relevant Authorities mailing lists

Pursue increased cooperation with AOC to strengthen voice and influence for both associations

BARD must strive to be more visible in media when subjects are relevant

There was a suggestion to set up sub-committees to address specific goals and whishes. This was met with general approval and the Board made it clear, that they are more than happy to delegate assignments and responsibilities.

To promote the coming changes to BARD and to further the interest of all the members of BARD, the Board decided to send out all documents and presentations as presented on the meeting, together with all relevant information on Magnusson – The Law firm that has been given the task of being the Secretariat for BARD from now on.

An Association will only be as good and active as its members – it is time to ask ourselves “What can BARD do for me & What can I do for BARD?”

Kind Regards

Per Carøe                              Morten Balk                        Maciej Grazcyk
Chairman                               Board member                     Board member

Christoffer Greenfort
Secretary General