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The Ordinary General Assembly 2014 took place on 03rd June at the Asia House in Copenhagen.

Members present:

  • Air Canada                           M. Sam
  • Atlantic Airways                    P.  Levring
  • Brussels Airlines                   H. Pedersen
  • Kenya Airways                      P. Caroe (Chairman)
  • Lao Airlines                           W. Hsieh
  • LOT                                      M. Graczyk
  • Lufthansa Group                  M. Balk
  • Singapore Airlines                T. Lee
  • Hoffery
  • Thai Airways                          F. Sonne

Guest speaker:
Mr. Henrik Baumgarten, Chief Editor Scandinavia Travel Media, gave BARD a short presentation of his career and daily work at Stand-by/Take Off magazines. Henrik described the way they select the daily news and how the “perfect” news release should look like:

–       In Danish ; in Word document ; with high resolution picture ; on the top of the text – most important message

The other part of Henrik’s presentation concerned the ambulance chasers – the companies helping passengers to get compensation from the airlines (airhelp.dk ; flyforsinkelse.dk). These companies are acting often on the edge of the law and using every possible tool in order to get clients (like hunting them at the gate).

It has been agreed that Henrik can be invited to BARD meetings when it will be in interest of  BARD.

Agenda Item No 1.

Appointing conductor of the meeting.
It has been agreed that it should be BARD Vice Chairman Morten Balk

Agenda Item No 2.

Approval of the minutes from the 24 November 2013 meeting.
The minutes were approved.

Agenda Item No 3.

The Chairman’s annual statement of 2013.
Mr. Per Caroe/Kenya Airways gave the enclosed Annual Report.

Agenda Item No 4.

Presentation of the Statement of Account 2013 and budget for 2014
Discussion and voting over BARD subscription fee 2014 (The Board suggested unchanged fee of 1.500,- DKK)
Statement of Account 2013, budget 2014 and subscription fee for 2014 were approved.

Agenda Item No 5.

Election of Chairmen and Vice Chairmen.
Mr. Per Caroe/Kenya Airways has been elected as BARD Chairmen and Mr. Maciej Graczyk / LOT as Vice Chairmen.

Agenda Item No 6.

Suggestions and possibilities for the new BARD Secretary.

BARD needs a new Secretary and it is vital to appoint one as soon as possible, in order to continue daily activities. The new Secretary job is purely administrative and requires some work around the meetings. The detailed job description is attached and all suggestions are welcome.

Agenda Item No 7.

Presentation of new BARD website: www.barid.dk

The website is launched and ready to use. It is important for BARD to have an electronic “visit card”. It will be also useful for all members to access electronically the minutes, presentations, agenda, etc.

All members are welcome to send the suggestions for changes and improvements.

In order to have the access to the “members only” section, please click on “Members” and then “lost your passwords”. You will be asked to write your email address. You will receive email with the link to create a new password.

Agenda Item No 8.


Mr. Per Levring, from Atlantic Airways, gave us the latest AOC update:

–       Just before the Easter, CPH Airport noted the highest number of travelers – 93.000

There are fixed dates for Summer most busy days: 27JUN, 29JUN, 30JUN, 06JUL, 07JUL

As every year we can expect also a lot of cruise passengers. Here are the most busy days: 23MAY

14JUN ( biggest with 9.200 cruise guests), 06JUL, 08AUG, 30AUG

  • During the rest of 2014 there will be more automated  baggage drop off stands added as well as automatic boarding gates
  • Tariff negotiations for 2015 started with CPH Airport but so far no progress has been noted

Flemming Sonne / Thai Airways suggested that BARD should discuss more deeply the issue of claims raised by “ambulance chasers”. Very often those cases and compensation request are un-fair and not supported by the reasonable arguments. Unfortunately airlines have been threatened often to go to be taken to court if passengers don’t get compensation.

It might be in common interest of all BARD members to investigate this issue together with one of the law companies, who specialize in airlines/transport cases.

It was suggested also to meet with Danish CAA (Trafiksstyrelsen) together with BDL.

It might be also worth of checking if our fellow BARIS and BARIN organizations are working with similar cases.

Copenhagen,  June 2014

Maciej Graczyk

Vice Chairmen