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The BARD meeting in November had as its focus the brand new world, that IATA´s New Distribution Capability I heralding.

BARD had the pleasure of having Raimonds Gruntins and Tommy Enecrona from IATA STO as guest and speakers at the meeting.

The NDC is set to revolutionize the way tickets are offered up to the public and how an airline, or other professional within the aviation or travel sector, handles their business and gets in contact with the public.

It is as simple as an open source XML-code, enabling everyone to create their own platform for offering aviation and other hospitality products to the world.

All IATA airlines have signed up to the project that is entering its Beta-state at the moment. The participants will be the testing for bugs, unfinished parts and all kinds of other challenges, that the system gives its users, both the ones creating platforms through the source and the ones that will be using it in their everyday lives.

IATA has kindly handed out the presentation to BARD and it will be distributed to every member.

Another subject, that gave rise to a lot of talk and debate is the increasing presence of the aviation equivalent of the American “Ambulance-chasers” – the online companies, that promises passengers, that have experienced some kind of disruption of their planned flight, to go and get money from the airlines according to Regulation 261/2004 for a fee of 25 % of any amounts received.

Currently there are 5 such companies offering their services in Denmark and more and more airlines receive claims or are being sued by them these months.

The Regulation itself is being revised at present. One of the major focuses is, that rules must not end up being a “cash-cow” for the passengers or the companies living of off these cases.

That said, the Danish Court, Lower Courts, are generally very unwilling to uphold the Danish NEB´s decisions when it comes to exempting the airlines from having to pay compensation due to “Extraordinary Circumstances”

Christoffer Greenfort will be talking about this subject in-depth at the 2014 General Assembly.

The remaining agenda items where moved to the General Assembly due to lack of time at the November meeting.