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Dear Members,

Let me use this opportunity to remind you of the purpose of BARD which is to keep members well informed about industry relevant matters.

Our ambitions were high as we had a new secretary in place so intentions were more information to members, more activity in different fora and more visible in the public debate.

Unfortunately things did not work out the way we intended so the transition of bank account, formal registration, new web site, participation in meetings, updating our Constitutions all become a big burden, as Christoffer left his job at Magnusson Law firm and his role as General Secretary BARD.

We are proud to announce though that the new Constitution was presented and approved on an extraordinary General Assembly held in September.

A range of papers has been signed by the Executive Board which means we now only have one account in Den Danske Bank and we have net bank so we are now able to pay our bills.

Setting up a nice web site has been finalised and a presentation will follow later in the AGM

For a few years we have had a formal cooperation with Dansk Luftfart which we have enjoyed, however the Executive Board found that we would not be able to get full value of our membership with our current set up so the contract was terminated. We are still in dialogue with BDL and hope this continues.

The intention is to have four meetings in a year. We held the first, the AGM in January and we we visited by Lars Thykjaer from DRF. Second meeting, which was planned to be at CPH we had to cancel due to poor handling. Our September meeting was turned into an Extraordinary General Assembly, this was held at Magnusson Law firm. The November meeting had IATA on the agenda Raymonds Gruitins  and Tommy Enecrona presented the latest on NDC.

Traditionally we have “Report from AOC” on our agenda this has been scarce, but we hope AOC is back and we will hear reports again.

We are a small association and as today we are a limited group meeting each time. If BARD is to survive, we need your interest, your full back up, attendance and participation. We send out invitation by Outlook we need your response and if you are excused, please send your deputy.

It is essential to BARD to have a secretary,  we have listed the tasks we need processed. The Executive Board are happy to serve you, but none of us can spend time as we have done in 2013.

With these words I conclude my annual report.

Per Caroe