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Dear Members, a year has passed.

The year began where 2010 ended, with a fierce winter, but this December, Mother Nature showed a mild face.

It is the purpose of BARD to keep members well informed about industry relevant matters. On our agenda we traditionally have AOC and I am please to say that Per Levring has again taken on the task to keep us up to date with what is going on the operational side. As far as I recall Per has not reported anything alarming this year.  Our Secretary Jan Gulstad participates in the APJC meetings. I do not recall Jan reporting any major issues which is great and I conclude things are running smoothly.

In the four meetings we have conducted during 2011 we have continued  the concept of inviting relevant guest speakers. We started out by welcoming the Danish Consumer Ombudsmand, Henrik Øe, in the spring we had the pleasure of Managing Director Dansk Luftfart, Michael Svane, next meeting we heard from  the Managing Director of Director Public Affairs SAS, Lars Andersen and in November the new CEO of  Copenhagen Airports, Mr. Thomas Woldbye represented himself and told us about his background as well as visions. In all modesty I think we have done very well attracting these notabilities, however if the turn up doesn’t improve, we will not be able continue.

On yet a positive note, I can mention that despite the European and Global economic challenges we have seen new carriers coming in to Copenhagen, other airlines expanding both in Copenhagen and in the Provincial airports.

We probably all have different memories of 2011. What first comes to my mind is the “Arabian Spring”. Major changes that we normally think of as unthinkable suddenly become reality, many open questions are ahead of us.

In Denmark we had election to the Parliament which lead to change of Government. Before we had a Blue Government with a Red policy, now we have a Red Government with a Blue policy, politics can be intriguing. Change of Government of course also means a new Minister of Transport. So far I believe he has been busy with Rails and Roads, perhaps in 2012 he will include Air in his portfolio? As a service information, I can tell you his name is Henrik Dam Kristensen.

With regards to our social events, we are not afraid of trying something new although we like traditions. You may recall that in 2010 we visited Mrs Davidsen to enjoy her famous smorebrod. We would have revisited, but due to the thunder rain Copenhagen experienced in the summer her restaurant was like many others closed for renovation come September. Our Secretary, Jan always have a solution and Jan and I agreed to visit Told & Snaps in Toldbodgade which was also a success.

Looking ahead
During  2012 we will most likely see people from Dansk Luftfart, we hope to get an invitation to Copenhagen Airport and we will see what else comes up. The first speaker will be, Managing Director of Visit Denmark Jan Olsen who will be our guest on April 26.

We will continue to announce Guest speakers in good time, giving all Members a chance to prioritize, which we hope you will. As I mentioned earlier we need your interest and your full back up in order to attract worthy speakers.

2012 will no doubt be a challenging year and most likely in several different ways. Power of the World is in change from West to East. Three great nations will have Presidential elections France, USA and Russia. How will that go and what changes will that lead to?

Recent developments in North Korea and in Iran are likely to influence the Worlds agenda.

We are in a sensitive line of business, where oil prices, currency fluctuations and interest rates have more impact than anything else we do.

Headlines within our industry will most likely be the EU ETS (Emission Trading Scheme – http://www.pwc.com/gx/en/transportation-logistics/emissions-trading-aviation-frequently-asked-questions.jhtml), Revision of the EU Denied Boarding Act and the Act on Package Travel . Hopefully both have been thoroughly lobbied, we will know more in June. The Danish “Rejsegarantifondslov”, Danish Travel Guarantee Fund laws – will also be renewed. We will inform BARD members accordingly as soon as we have new knowledge.

Over the years the industry has shown great flexibility and creativity, personally I hope this will form the basis of how our Boards and CEOs will tackle the challenges instead of the worn out “Cost cutting” tool.

Good luck to all.

With these words I conclude my annual statement.

Should any of you have comments or questions they are welcome now

Thank you and welcome to 2012, happy New Year.