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Dear Members, a year has passed – and what a year.

Almost all airlines operating in the northern part of the earth were hit by the Ash Cloud from Iceland. This incident and the precautions taken to close the airspace, was one of the most serious and with the highest impact we have seen in airline history. It did cost all airlines much money and the entire industry billions of dollars.

And even before the year ended we experienced one of the worst winters in Europe with major disturbances, delays and cancellations causing high impact to our passengers and to the us the airlines.

Let us all hope that we have in front of us year without surprises.

It is the purpose of BARD to keep the members well informed about industry relevant matters. On our agenda we traditionally have AOC, but unfortunately we haven’t seen much of them in 2010, hopefully this will change this year.

Over the past years we have aimed to get as many relevant guest speakers to our BARD meetings. During 2010 we welcomed the Managing Director of The Travel Guarantee Fund Mrs Birgitte Fjeldhoff and Mr. Carsten Nørland from Copenhagen Airports.

As from 01st January 2010 the Travel guarantee against airline bankruptcy was introduced officially – despite our fight to avoid it. The technical implementation was very costly and I am told that some airlines spent some 2 million DKK to get this implemented.

During the year some airlines was in a dialog with the fund about the “duty” to register or not. A ruling, in fact based on 13 cases  by the Erhvervsankenaevn , has stated how the law must be interpreted, so there should be no more doubt.

We also tried out a new concept for our social events, as we decided to have only one and to let it follow directly after our September meeting. Most of us enjoyed a super lunch at Restaurant Ida Davidsen in the centre of Copenhagen and I think it is fair to say it came to our liking. Thank you Mr Secretary ,for organising that. Unless we hear differently from you we will be aiming at something similar this year.

We have several guest speakers in the pipe line. The first speaker was, as you saw and heard, the Consumer Ombudsman.

Guest speakers at future meetings will be announced in good time, giving all Members a chance to prioritize. I would like to use this opportunity to encourage the members to put forward any wishes you may have in this regard.

And with these words I conclude my annual statement.

Should any of you have comments or questions they are welcome now

Thank you and welcome to 2011, happy New Year.