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Dear Members,


Let me use this opportunity to remind you of the purpose of BARD which is to keep members well informed about industry relevant matters.

In the first half of 2014 we were still lacking a Secretary. Several possibilities were both suggested and looked into but only after the summer holiday it all fell into place and we could introduce Per Levring as our Secretary.

The intention is to have four meetings in a year. Due to the lack of secretary the AGM was postponed and only held in June where we went to Asia House, gently suggested and prepared for by Flemming Sonne. At same meeting Henrik Baumgarten, Standby was our guest.  Henrik did a short introduction and invited us to be more active using Standby for communication to the Trade before he went on the main agenda point; Claim handling companies/Ambulance chasers, whom Henrik had written an article about. Following this the members had a debate on the subject and Flemming Sonne suggested we focussed on this subject as it would grow and impact us all negatively.

The Board later took contact to the law firm Ronne & Lundgren as they are representing IATA in Denmark, this lead to our next meeting being held at R&L offices.

Partner Mr. Anders Lykke Pedersen and lawyer Mr. Martin Aagren Nielsen hosted the meeting and gave us a presentation on both their company and on general conditions and possibilities on the matters concerning EU261 2004. We still enjoy good co-operation with BDL (Dansk Luftfart) and Per Henriksen also participated and gave both background and update on the revision of the resolution.

Additionally Per Henriksen also gave us a briefing on the revision of the Travel Guarantee Fund (Rejsegarantifonden) in respect of the Bankruptcy Law

Before the third meeting Vice Chairman Morten Balk and Per Levring held a meeting with Danish CAA, to discuss their role in connection with claims, to discover common interest and grounds for cooperation.

Third meeting took place at Lufthansa Groups offices.

The theme for 2014 (EU261) was again main agenda point. The debate found its out spring in the High Court rulings  from 06NOV14 where four cases brought in by Premiar, as well as in points from the meeting  with CAA.

We also enjoyed a visit and a presentation by partner and lawyer Aage Krogh from the law firm IUNO.  Aage emphasized the value of a case data base and represented different models of cooperation and handling of matters.

From AOS we had the pleasure of Johnny Rasmussen who we hope to see at every meeting, we enjoy updates from the airport.

We have a fine and useable web site which is meant to serve as a posting wall and an archive for members as well as an on-line business card. The Secretary has now sorted out all other things so one of his next tasks is to update www.barid.dk .

As you have experienced we are all being invited for meetings via Outlook and soon you will find agenda and enclosures from a link to the web site.

Internationally we have earlier talked about increasing communication with our Nordic brothers, this we intend in 2015. We have also seen mail activity from BARs across Europe and it seems that a European forum is likely to be organised in 2015.

Back to ourselves. In my view BARD have a lot to offer for a very modest amount we keep members updated on issues relevant to our industry. The Board warmly welcome any wishes and suggestions from members as to which subjects and themes we should include in our planning. The objective is to keep you informed and to qualify discussions on industry matters.

We are a small association and a limited group meeting each time. If you cherish BARD, we need your full back up, attendance and participation. Invitations are sent out by Outlook requesting your acceptance. Your quick responses are appreciated and should you be excused, please send your deputy. As some have done in 2014, you are welcome to bring along a colleague with special knowledge or interest in the subject on our agenda.

I would like to place a special thank you to Willy Hsieh, Laos Airline, Helle Pedersen Brussels Airlines and Maciej Graczyk, LOT who was with us for many years and who have contributed to BARD in many ways, we are sorry you left and hope to see you back one day.

Finally I will thank people who have taken initiative to meetings, participated in external meetings or hosted BARD in 2014, thank you.

With these words I conclude my annual report.

Per Caroe