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For the 3nd meeting of the year 2013 of the Board of Airline Representative For Denmark, which is hereby convened for:

at  Danish Industry, H.C. Andersen’s Boulevard 18, 1553 Copenhagen V.

 The meeting will start at 09.30.

Conductor of the meeting is the Chairman, opening with Competition law compliance notice, see below.

The Executive Board encourages the participants to be active under the presentations, asking questions and sharing their views and experiences.

Agenda Item No 1
Welcome by host Per Henriksen, DI/BDL

Agenda Item No 2
Approval of the minutes from BARD meeting held the 17 September 2013.

Agenda Item No. 3
Per Henriksen of BDL gives an update on the ongoing work BDL has done recently, which includes:

–        Flight Time Limitations

–        Emission Trading System

–        The upcoming revision of the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund

Agenda Item No. 4
Raimonds Gruntins and Tommy Enecrona from IATA Stockholm tells about the New Distribution System, gives an update on general IATA matters and answers the questions, that the participants may have.

Agenda Item No. 5
The recent strike amongst the Airport Security personnel – what are the airlines options when such things happen? Do we have to bear all the costs? Morten Balk of LH tells about how he experienced the strike and the aftereffects.

What can be done to prevent the effects of such events in the future? Christoffer Greenfort of Magnusson Law tells about the contractual options and whether or not going to the Danish courts will give any results here and now and for the future.

Agenda Item No. 6
The revision of the EU Regulation 261/04 – What are the lessons learned, how are the rules in the Regulation used and enforced in the Member States and what are the upcoming changes?

Christoffer Greenfort gives a short presentation of this subject.

Agenda Item No. 7
Any other Business / Miscellaneous

Board of Airline Representatives for Denmark

Per Caroe


Important notice: This meeting is conducted strictly in compliance with the competition law. No discussions relating – but not limited – to pricing, service charges marketing plans of individual airline/s or individual decisions made by competitors may take place. Delegates are cautioned that any discussion regarding such matters, or concerning any other competitively sensitive topics is strictly prohibited.