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For the 2nd meeting (Extra Ordinary General Assembly) of the year 2013 of the Board of Airline Representative For Denmark, which I hereby convene for Thursday the 25th of April 2013 at CPH A/S, Lufthavnsboulevard 6, Copenhagen Airport, 2770 Kastrup. The meeting will start at 10.00 hours and end no later than 12.00 hours.

If you arrive by car, please collect parking ticket at the CPH A/S reception for free parking in the building opposite CPH A/S.

Mr. Kristian Durhuus, Vice President Operations will inform about the activities in The Copenhagen Airport including future plans for the Airport.
This is an opportunity to ask any question to the top management of the Airport.

Extraordinary General Meeting:

Start at 11.30 hours.

Agenda Item No 1.
Election of leader of a Conductor/Moderator of the meeting

Agenda Item No 2.
Approval of the minutes from the first meeting held the 24th of January 2013. 

Agenda Item No.3
Presentation of new BARD Constitutions.

Agenda Item No. 4.
Revised Budget for the year 2013

Agenda Item No. 5.
Any other Business / Miscellaneous

Board of Airline Representatives for Denmark

Karlslunde, 16th of April

Jan Gulstad

Important notice: This meeting is conducted strictly in compliance with the competition law. No discussions relating – but not limited – to pricing, service charges marketing plans of individual airline/s or individual decisions made by competitors may take place. Delegates are cautioned that any discussion regarding such matters, or concerning any other competitively sensitive topics is strictly prohibited.