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Constitutions of BARID


1.1  The activities and conduct of BARID shall not under any circumstances, be inconsistent with Danish and International Competition Law and Regulations, or other Danish and International Laws and Regulations.

In that respect, no commercial matters may be discussed during any meeting. Likewise, no discussions or efforts on subjects of anticompetitive practices will ever take place during a BARID meeting.

IATA resolution 892 – Disclosure position on an IATA meeting, applies to all BARID meetings.

The individual Member airline is not obliged by any verbal or written statement and proposal made by BARID.

BARID shall not replace activities or be involved in any issues that are under the responsibility of IATA.

This legal notice/disclaimer shall be copied unto all meeting agendas, and shall explicitly be brought to the attention of those members or guests, that are present at any meeting by the Chairman or the Secretary General.

1.2  The purpose of the activities of BARID shall be:

  • To provide a forum for the discussion of matters of mutual interest to the Members.
  • To be a resource for the Members.
  • To safeguard the interest of the Members with respect to the framework imposed on airlines by Danish authorities and regulators.
  • To be a Consultant Body on relevant Hearings published by Danish authorities and regulators, and actively safeguard the interests of the Members with respect to Hearings.
  • To actively work as an Industry Organization towards Danish authorities, regulators, Industry Organizations and others who are relevant for the Members.
  • To update the Members with current and relevant information from Danish authorities and regulators etc.
  • To facilitate meetings where external resources such as authorities, regulators, Industry Organizations, companies, individuals and others relevant, are invited to make presentations to the Members.

2.1  The name of the organization is:

  • BARID -Board of Airline Representatives for Denmark.
  • The abbreviation BARID can be used alone in any relevant context.

2.2  BARID shall consist of Members from airlines, according to the following criteria.

  • Airline operating on-line with routes to/from or within Denmark  (IATA or non-IATA).
  • Airline operating on-line with routes to/from or within Scandinavia (IATA or non-IATA).
  • Off-line airline operating international or domestic routes, maintaining their own office in Scandinavia, with staff employed by the airline (IATA or non-IATA).
  • General Sales Agent (GSA) or corresponding may, after individual evaluation and approval by the Board, be admitted as Member of BARD. The Board can if required, request confirmation and/or additional information from the management of the airline the General Sales Agent wishes to represent in BARD.

2.3  The following minimum requirements apply for a General Sales Agent or  corresponding, to be evaluated as a Member of BARID:

  • The General Sales Agent must represent one or more airline operating with international or domestic passenger routes.
  • The General Sales Agent must have a dedicated office in Scandinavia.
  • The General Sales Agent must not be or represent any travel agent or tour operator.
  • The General Sales Agent must not be fully or partly be owned by a travel agent or tour operator.

2.4  All who applies for a Membership in BARID, shall nominate a Delegate (mandatory) and an Alternate Representative (optional). The Delegate shall preferably be the local Manager of the airline responsible for its activities in Denmark. Alternatively a Regional Manager responsible for the activities in Denmark or Nordic countries. Nomination of the Delegate and Alternate shall be be submitted to the Board for approval. In connection with airline alliances, where the alliance partners are subject to a common local management, the airline alliance can nominate the Manager for such an organization as the Delegate to BARID.

2.5  An annual membership fee must be decided  at the BARID (Annual General Meeting) shall be paid by each Member. Only those Members having paid the designated membership fee for the current year shall be entitled to participate in any BARD proceedings and activities. Board members shall not pay membership fee.

2.6  Membership is for the calendar year and membership fee  for the year become payable no later than  01stMarch.

2.7  Proper financial records shall be kept and shall be open to inspection by any Member.  A Member shall be elected to audit the financial records, once annually and submit an auditor report to BARID. The Secretary General shall prepare the accounts, balance and journals for the gone by year by 15th January of the following year to the Auditor.


3.1  The Executive Board of BARID shall consist of:

  • one (01) Chairman
  • two (02) Vice Chairmen
  • one (01) Secretary General

3.2  The Executive Board is elected at the Annual General Meeting (From here on called AGM). Voting is done by simple majority. The Secretary General is always appointed, by simple majority, by the Chairman and the two Vice Chairmen, thereby completing the Executive Board.One of the Vice Chairmen will also be act as Treasure for BARID.

3.3  The Executive Board shall, by simple majority, appoint an outside auditor (The Auditor), who is responsible for the yearly audit of the annual report of BARID as prepared by the Secretary General.

3.4  If the Chairman leaves the Executive Board, the Vice Chairmen elected with same election period will step in as Chairman.

In the mentioned case and if a Vice Chairman leaves the Executive Board the Board will have one less member until the following AGM.

If the Secretary General leaves the Board, a new Secretary General shall be appointed by the Executive Board as soon as possible and a new will be elected at the following AGM.

3.5  Signature (Power of Attorney) on behalf of BARID is held by the Chairman or the Secretary General.


4.1  A member may submit a proposal to terminate BARID. If the Executive Board should receive such proposal, they shall immediately call an Extraordinary General Meeting, where the proposal shall be put on the agenda.

4.2  The proposal has to get a 2/3 majority vote amongst all members of BARID, present at the EGM. Mail votes may be submitted, but no powers of attorney may be given by a non-present member to someone present at the vote.

4.3  In the event, that it is decided to terminate BARID, any and all amounts held by BARID shall be donated to a Non-Profit Organization as decided by the members of BARID.


5.1  Ordinary Meetings shall be called by the Secretary General at least three  (03) times annually. Extraordinary Meetings may be called by the Chairman and/or the Secretary General, or at the request of two (02) or more Members. First meeting of the year shall be considered as the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Meetings shall be called with minimum one (01) weeks’ notice.

5.2  AGM must be called with a minimum of 14 days notice. Suggestions to the AGM   must be sent in latest one week prior to that.

5.3  Extraordinary General Meeting can be called with seven days notice by the Executive Board on own initiative or if a minimum of 50% of the members demands it.

5.4  Meetings of the Board shall be convened when the Chairman considers it necessary.

Though a minimum of (02) Board Meetings are required annually. Vice Chairmen and the Secretary General may also call for Board Meetings.

5.5  Observers may be admitted to an Ordinary Meeting at the discretion of the Chairman. Technical advisors may attend during any special agenda item in their capacity as advisors.

5.6  The agenda for Ordinary and AGMs shall be circulated by the Secretary General to all Members, at least seven (07) days prior to the Meetings. Agenda items should be submitted to the Secretary General, in due time for circulation to Members. Items submitted at a Meeting, and not having been circulated, can be admitted to the agenda unless a member veto.


6.1  All items on which a vote is necessary shall be proposed and seconded in open forum.

6.2  Voting shall be by show of hands and be based on a simple majority. In case of a  tie, the Chairman shall have the casting vote. Voting may be secret if so requested by more than one (01) Member.

6.3  In cases where a quorum is required but not available, the matter under vote is subject to a Hearing and Mail Vote by the Members. The Hearing and Mail Vote shall be circulated to all Members by the Secretary General with a deadline for casting a vote of ten (10) days after issuance. The Executive Board will inform the outcome of a Mail Vote without delay to the Members.

6.4  Voting in the Executive Board.

In case of a tie, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.


7.1  The Secretary General shall ensure that proper Minutes are taken and kept of all

BARID meetings. Minutes shall be circulated to the Members no later than seven (07) days after Meetings have taken place. Minutes from Executive Board Meetings shall be circulated to the Executive Board members no later than seven (07) days after Meetings have taken place.

7.2  All Minutes shall be considered confidential and shall not be distributed outside the organization of any Member. Exceptions to the onfidentiality clause may be approved after evaluation by the Board. A written approval shall be signed both by the Chairman and the Secretary General.

7.3  Minutes are subject to approval at the next Meeting.


8.1  Working Groups and Committees may be set up as required on the authority of the Chairman or as decided by a Member Meeting.

Signed by the Board

Date: Februar 2018.

Per Carøe, Chairman                                                   Morten Balk, Vice-Chairman,


Marc Sam, Vice-Chairman                                         Per Levring, Secretary General